What trait of GACKT’s do you admire most?

While I imagine there are some people out there who just listen to the music, most long term GACKT fans seem to come with a certain amount of admiration and respect for the man personally. So today’s question:

What trait of GACKT’s do you admire most?

The proud samurai
The proud samurai

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27 responses to “What trait of GACKT’s do you admire most?”

  1. I imagine most people will name his willpower or determination, both of which I also admire a lot, but personally one of my big turning points in becoming a fan was when I realised, “oh god, he’s really smart“. There’s a lot I disagree with him about, but I do like that he clearly has thought out his own views and actions. That he really thinks in depth about everything (to the point of writing loooong blog entries about the ~MEANING= behind the distinctive neckline of Dolce and Gabanna shirts, etc). That when you see him sitting quietly, he always looks like serious thought is happening (though I guess that just could be his face).

    Also the musical genius, of course.

  2. I think what I admire most is his resilience. Through all of the awful things that have happened to him throughout his life; being misunderstood, being abused, car wrecks, being mugged, and so on, he has consistently delivered for us. He refuses to be held down by his circumstances and that is why he is a continual source of inspiration in my own life.

  3. Whatever he decides he wants to do, he won’t stop until he does it perfectly. I admire that a lot. But I’m with Amaia here, what really made me like him was the way he thinks, and how much thought he will put into things. There is a lot in there that resonates with me, and even when I don’t agree with, I can see where he’s coming from.

    AND he’s funny. Gotta love that! ;D

  4. I admire his intelligence and willingness to learn and look beyond what he’s familiar with. I enjoy reading his thoughts about current events or what he thinks about certain topics. While I may not always agree with his views, he presents them in such a way that I can understand his logic and reasoning and I respect the differences in opinions. He’s a very educated, well-rounded man and that’s something I respect and admire a lot. I also admire the fact he’s learned to speak multiple languages. I love learning languages and he’s a role model for me when it comes to learning. He’s inspired me to learn Korean, which will be my fourth language, and to reteach myself Spanish. He’s been a major role model for me when it comes to pushing myself and studying in general.

  5. I admire how he isn’t afraid to be himself. His self expression isn’t limited to music; he has moved on to other artistic avenues such as acting and writing in order to communicate better with the world. I also admire how he always manages to stay optimistic and encourages his fans to do the same.

  6. I can’t just pick a trait. His willpower, his way of doing things, his way of seeing things…I don’t know if I can express it in words. He has the power of changing people aroung him, and not only around him. He is like a teacher who must explain every little thing in the smallest details. And this is what makes me respect him. Everytime, after I read his blog or one of his interviews, I spend some time thinking at what he said. And no other artist has ever made me change my way of seeing the world, my way of doing things and to put soul in what I do.

  7. His willpower. his strong mentality. For someone who living life half-heartedly like myself, I really admire his “living seriously” way of thinking.
    Of course there are lots of times he made me facepalm but the times he has impressed me are way more than that.

  8. OMG! So hard to choose just ONE thing! But I would have to say his intelligence! He’s not just another pretty face! ^_^

  9. What draws me most to GACKT is his multi-talented and persistent personality. I like people who have several talents and do them skillfully, and I respect people who never lose hope easily.

  10. I like that he cares. And not just about his friends, fans but also about his country and the young people. And I join Amaia – I like that he`s smart and a great artist.

  11. His continual striving to grow and be a better person physically, mentally, and spiritually. And his spiritual magnetism.

  12. I absolutely respect him for always knowing how to motivate and encourage other people. This often helped me to continue.

  13. What I admire the most about you, GACKTさん, as an artist, is your ability of creating big and deep stories throughout many parts of your work. What I admire about you as a person is, that you have grown so much throughout the years. And you keep growing into a greater and greater personality. A caring man who still carries a deep respect for life. And if it comes down to you as a man, I admire that you can respect a good woman and her strength as woman.

  14. I admire his competitive side,his endless willingness to learn and grow up in everything,his open mind,his way to respect others,his compassion and kindness for family,friends,fans,and everyone..
    But above all,I love his way to treat children and to encourage young people to achieve their dreams.these traits of him inspire me as a teacher to give the best for my students,so they can reach their best future and be valuable people for others

  15. There are obviously a lot of traits to admire about Gackt. I think for me some of those are His energy and compassion. To perform with so much heart that he passes out after nearly every show, it can definitely be noted that he gives his all. Also, his open mindedness and willingness to try new things is highly respectable.

  16. His ability to “play seriously” or “live seriously”, as he always says. It’s such a provocative statement and I think in many ways sums up how he tries to live his life and hopes others live theirs. I really admire how deeply he thinks about what it means to be human and how he subsequently has presented those thoughts indirectly in his creative work.

  17. What first made me admire him as a person rather than just as a gorgeous musician was the interview that was in the game Bujingai: The Forsaken City where he was talking about how parents shouldn’t be against children physically fighting because physical wounds heal, whereas mental wounds caused by things like bullying are much harder to heal. I was impressed to see someone voicing what is probably an unpopular opinion, but I agreed (and still do) 100%.

    I don’t agree with him on everything and twice now in my 12 years of fandom I was seriously majorly upset by something he’d said, but I’ll always go back to him because at the end of the day, he’s a great musician. And two one-sided lovers’ fights in over a decade is pretty good, I think. Ahaha!

  18. He has so many traits I admire that this man reminds a unicorn, you usually don’t see so many in one place. Hard to pick just one. The amount of knowledge, awareness about different type of things and wisdom in his head sometimes makes me shiver with excitement. His determination is truly inspiring, makes you want to do something and do it well. But I suppose that the thing that I really fell for (apart from music) is his sense of humour and that he seems quite open to the world around him. Like talking with his fans on Twitter once in a while and things like that. I think this feature makes him even more unique.

  19. Is inner strength and ability to overcome. Gackt is my hero and role model. Though his example and encouragement I was able to recover from my past and keep moving forward with a smile despite my struggles, just like him. Also his kindness and open mindedness are beautiful~

  20. I admire how he always puts the music/art/writing first. He is a true artist, and his work is very honest. He has very intense focus on whatever project he is tackling at any given moment. He’s also very positive, despite some very traumatic life events. I admire that so much! He encourages other people to be the best that they can be. That’s the mark of a truly great human being.

  21. I admire the way he thinks. that he wont give up no matter how hard and impossible the situation is.


    I adore his sense of somewhat sadistic and ecchi humour. I’m already fairly stoic and mentally overactive so that is just normal to me. his humour is refreshing and it’s nice to see I’m not the only flirty, perverted soul out there!

  23. His ability to balance the innumerable influences constantly flowing into him with his own sensibility. He is one of those people who can walk the line between genius and insanity and maintain a perfect balance 90% of the time.