Setsugekka-the end of silence-

雪月花-the end of silence-


最後の涙 重ね、粉雪に変えて見せよう



夜空に星 散りばめて

躰 朽ち果てても…



Setsugekka-the end of silence-
mikatsuki wo daita kimi ni tsubuyaita
“konayuki to odoru kimi ni aitai…”
tatta hitotsu dake no omoi wo nosete
akaku somaru yuki wo sora ni chiribameta

kimi wo dakishimeru hana to nare
tsunoru omoi wo megurase saki midare
kokoro ubawareru hodo kimi wo aiseta koto wo
nando mo… nando mo… yozora ni sakenda

toiki akaku somete utai tsuzuketeta
“koyoi no yume ni zo kimi ga sugata wo…”
kimi no kieta kisetu ga mou sugu owaru
saigo no namida kasane konayuki ni kaette miseyou

kimi wo dakishimeru yuki to nare
tsunoru omoi wo chiribame mai odore
kizu wo kakusou to suru hodo
naze ka namida ga afurete

kimi no hohoemi ga ima kasunde mienai yo

kimi wo terashi dasu tsuki ni nareru nara
yozora ni hoshi chiribamete kimi wo sagasou

karada kuchi hatete mo…

kimi wo dakishimeru yuki to nare
yozora no kimi wo irodoru hana ni nare
kimi ni fureyou to suru hodo
tsukande wa kieru… “yuki no hana”
nando mo nando mo yozora ni
sakebi tsuzuketa

kimi ni todokimasu you ni…

Snow, Moon, Flowers-the end of silence-
I whispered to you who embraced the crescent moon
“I want to meet you, as you dance with the powder snow…”
Carrying just one, solitary feeling
I starred the sky with the crimson stained snow1

May it become flowers to embrace you
May my feelings that grow stronger bloom wildly all around
I shouted over and over into the night sky
That I was able to love you so much that it stole my heart away

I kept reciting, my breath staining the air red
“In my dream tonight, you show yourself…”2
The season in which you vanished is soon to end
I’ll gather all your last tears, and show you how I change them to a flurry of snow

May it become snow to embrace you
May it dance in the wind, scattering my feelings that grow stronger1
The more I try to hide my scars, somehow the tears overflow
Your smile has grown hazy and I can no longer see it

If I can become the moon that illuminates you,
then I’ll search for you, setting stars across the night sky1

Even when my body rots away…

May it become snow to embrace you
May it become flowers that color the image of you in the night sky
The more I try to touch you
you vanish in my grasp… the “flower of snow”
I kept shouting over and over
into the night sky

To reach you…


The title of this song, “Setsugekka” is a phrase that originates in old Japanese and Chinese poetry, the first recorded usage being in a poem by Chinese poet Bai Juyi, “雪月花時最憶君- At times of snow, moon or flowers, I think of you the most“. The phrase became a popular theme in Japanese art and literature to represent both beauty and the passage of time through the seasons. GACKT has said that he would personally translate the title as “Three Beautiful Things”.

1. The word I’ve variously translated as “starred” “scattering” and “setting”, 散りばめる chiribameru actually means to “stud” or “set” jewels all over something. Unfortunately there’s no single English word that carries that concept. There are two possible kanji that can be used to write this word, he chose the one that means “scatter”.

2. This line is written in archaic Japanese, similar to that used in the Heian era poetry anthology Man’yoshu that GACKT has mentioned as an inspiration.