What moment in a live show has impressed you the most?

GACKT’s live performances tend to push the limits of what has been, and even what can be done on a stage. So here’s our next question:

What moment in a live show has impressed you the most?


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25 responses to “What moment in a live show has impressed you the most?”

  1. Of all time… probably the rain in Rain, after a conversation I had with a friend who said that in college as a music and performance major, she tried to work out the logistics of doing a rain effect on stage and concluded that it couldn’t be done (not within any sane effects budget anyway). A few years later she was actually at that concert, and says she burst into tears when she actually saw it happen in front of her. I also heard that it cost like $1,000,000 per show…

    Honorable mention to the horse-riding during DIABOLOS. I saw the video of the concert at a time when I hadn’t seen many concerts at all, and it completely escaped me just how unusual that was and why there was such a fuss over it. Years later I was like, “…HE SHOWED UP ON A GODDAMN HORSE.”

    Out of the ones I’ve actually seen live… probably the GHOST dance. Or perhaps DDR Koakuma Heaven, a really good example of even the “fun” songs being used to do something innovative.

  2. I’ve never been to a live, but from what I’ve seen, probably how smooth he makes his robotic movements during Ghost. I’ve never seen anyone do it so well before.

  3. Probably also Rain for me, I never thought much about the cost/logistics of doing that before (but holy crap, wow), but it left a really huge impression on me. It was really dramatic, and the entire performance had me on edge.
    The 6th day and 7th night’s opening and Oasis is another one of my top Gackt concert moments. Really beautiful to watch, and it left me in awe. And then all the sword fighting and dancing in Luna…SDSN is my favorite concert ^^;
    The cat stuff always seems so much fun, and a good break between the heavier stuff–and a good way to interact with the audience.

  4. I have never been to one of his lives, but my favourite one is “Sayonara” from RR II, making the robots remember who they were. I can’t describe it in words, but…it made me to think at what it means to be human.

  5. For me it was the horses on DIABOLOS. It was the first show I watched and as the movie bit was going on I was thinking, wow, wouldn’t it be cool if they entered on stage ridding a horse? And then that’s exactly what they did (well, not on stage exactly lol). I was blown away! That moment right there when I truly became a fan <3

  6. For me it was the dance “game” from “Koakuma Heaven” and “Jounetsu no inazuma”.

  7. It’s difficult to pick one, but the ending of Orenji no Taiyou from Jougen no Tsuki when Hyde’s voice begins singing and the empty spotlight appears beside Gackt standing alone stands out to me. If we’re talking about emotional impressions and resonance, I’m not sure if anything has ever topped that for me. But there has been contenders, haha.

  8. Wish I could say I’d been to a live show!!! T_T On DVD fave live moment is Lust for Blood on the Diabolos tour!

  9. I’ve never been to any live concert held by GACKTさん, but I think the moment of his birthday live concerts when all the audience sing “Happy Birthday to you” with one voice all together…that moment touches my heart a lot. I wish I could sing him “Happy Birthday to you” like that!

  10. I’ve never been to any live concert held by GACKTさん, but I think the
    moment of his birthday live concerts when all the audience sing “Happy
    Birthday to you” with one voice all together…that moment touches my
    heart a lot. I wish I could sing him “Happy Birthday to you” like that!
    Also, his dances to songs impress me a lot. Oh, his concerts are splendid indeed.

  11. The idea to do the swimsuit concert is the most impressive for me. After wathing this live it felt like watching a GacktOrgy – very intence, intertaining and special one.

  12. I am always awestruck by every moment of G’s lives. I’ve never been to one unfortunately.. but I love the dance for “Ghost” and was reduced to a sobbing mess by the performance of “All My Love” with YFCz in Berlin <3

  13. There’s a part in the performance of “Mirror”, during The Sixth Day & Seventh Night tour where he begins to breathe really heavily. You can tell that he’s really struggling physically, but he pushes through it so he can deliver an incredible show. The first time I saw it, I was moved to tears. He really has such an incredible aura about him and such a will. It’s stunning.

  14. Seeing you in Yoshitsune Hiden Chapter 1. The overall play was very moving and yes, the end made me cry on both days that I came to watch it. But strangely enough, the scenery I loved most is the scene in which Yoshitsune comes into the Forest to Kage. The atmosphere was amazing and you looked like you had fun.

    The best concert moment was in Leipzig, Germany! You FINALLY relaxed and smiled from deep down your heart!

  15. the opening of Diabolos impressed me much,even though I only saw it in video

  16. That I’ve seen live, simply seeing him live for the first time. It was a YFC show at Zepp Fukuoka in 2010 and simply seeing him walk out on stage left me speechless. Guess it felt unreal to see him in the flesh since I’d been a huge fan from so far away for so long.

    The closest to that feeling I’ve had from watching a concert DVD is during “In Flames” on the RRII Final DVD. When he sings 「息が止まるほど美しく」I realize that I’ve been holding my breath the whole time, every time I watch it!

  17. No live experience yet, but from DVDs…
    At first I was impressed with detailed concepts and movie-like effect, never heard about such a thing before that… What made them even more interesting is those funny twists in the middle. And it seems really hard for me to try to imagine the amount of work, effort and money put into that. Makes you want to see that with your own eyes…
    Also, dancing and singing at the same time should be really hard. Even if the moves seem easy it’s still really hard. So watching him dance is heartwarming. In particular… One of the biggest impressions on me left the fight and a flip in Jougen no Tsuki during Luna. Seeing that he’s so serious about it was and is really WOW!

  18. All I`ve seen live in my country, I was in trouble when he fall from stage, also I love all his shows

  19. “Le Ciel”, from the Mervailles DVD. It was like watching Gackt being born creatively. This is when I really knew that he was a artistic force to be reckoned with. I also loved the “Orange Sun” performance with the cast from Moon Child.

  20. Concert “Mars”. The last song. The moment when Gackt began to sing without music, without a microphone. And the whole audience began to sing with him. For me it was the main sign of his talent – and his energy, that covered the hall.

    One more – RRII. Also last song – Lost Angels. The image and the fate of the character “Zero” captured me during the concert, and the moment with the angel wings and the destruction of them has completed the formation of the image.

  21. I`ve been at the concert Best of the Best Mild in Yokohama Arena, at Gackt`s 40th birthday. 2013
    He started to sing “White lovers” while opening the cage with his hands and the beams of light. Amazing!

  22. The way he just DESCENDS FROM THE HEAVENS when Asrun Dream starts. It pretty much embodies what his music has meant to me over the years.