What would GACKT think of you if he met you in real life?

Would he approve of your way of living? Do you care?


22 responses to “What would GACKT think of you if he met you in real life?”

  1. I’m not sure what he’d think of me. There are a lot of bad qualities that I’m working on improving, but there are also a lot of good ones. I think I’d rather let him form an opinion of me than speculate. I do care because he’s someone I look up to and admire a lot.

  2. Oh, I think at first he’d really dislike me, because I’m an assertive, sarcastic female who would not find him intimidating or scary. Then I’d explain that he’s one of the people who taught me to be stronger and we’d probably hang out for a little while and crack jokes. Maybe talk fashion too.

  3. If he met on a good day, I’d might find me cute and funny, but if he met me on a bad day, I’d probably find me rude and not very ladylike. Ahah. But I think we’d get along for a while.
    I think my way of living is pretty boring, but hey, I’m living my own way. Do I care if he would approve or not? Well… I don’t live for his approval, but of course at least part of me cares. It’s always nice to have support!

  4. This is the big question I’ve also been wondering about.

    As for this current situation he’d probably not approve of my way of living. But if he took the time to talk to me he still might find it very intriguing. Especially since I treasure him enough to answer honestly regardless of how uncomfortable that might get for both of us!

    Dear GACKTさん,

    for your own sake I won’t go easy if that’s what’s what it takes! So only meet me at your own risk. And then ask me everything you always wanted to get a straight honest answer to.

  5. I think that would depend on how we met. People who know me first through my work or artwork tend to have a good impression of me. But in person, most humans with sight judge based on appearance; first impressions are hard to break and Japan can be a very cruel place to a woman who weighs more than 50 kilos. Once someone has internally labelled you as “lazy fat person” you could win an Ironman tournament and you still wouldn’t change their minds. This saddens me, but GACKT’s disapproval wouldn’t bother me any more than all the other disapproval I’ve faced.

  6. I believe that GACKT might think of me that I’m abiding by more routine in my life. He may suggest me to change this routine by going out more and doing exercises outdoors instead of doing it indoors and sticking to my room reading books, checking internet, etc, I think. That’s all.

  7. I would care a lot to be honest. When i look up to someone it’s very important to me that they do not have a wrong image of me in their head and do know/understand why i live my life the way i do. It’s possible he would think that i don’t put enough effort in living or ending the things i began. I have a really weak body and can’t put too much pressure on it, so i’d be scared he could think that i’m just lazy, not trying hard enough to get a stronger body like he does or that i am weak in my heart and soul.
    But if he knew my story, it’s possible he would think positively about the way i live, maybe giving me some tips on getting better in certain things i’m still struggeling at, but in spite of it all he could be also proud that i fight that hard and already won a few battles considering my age.

  8. He might think I’m a shy, polite girl with a good head on her shoulders…? That’s the general impression most people have of me, so I guess that’s the one Gackt would have. He has been a major source of inspiration in my life, so his opinion about my lifestyle would mean a lot to me.

  9. I have no idea about his first impression of me. But if he knew me thoroughly, may be he would think ‘damn, I just found a woman version of me’. It’s because we have a lot of similarities in character, personality, and idea about various things. But, we have some differences in taste and interest.
    Even so, I think he would not judge my bad taste and interest (since he’s an open-minded person). Instead of judging, I think he would happily give me new insights about things, and I’d like to embrace them with pleasure..

  10. He would probably advise me to get out and socialize more. I’m pretty much a hermit. I think that we might be friends if we got a chance to hang out, who knows? His opinion would matter to me, because I respect him.

  11. He’d probably think Who IS this old pervy lady?!? Ha Ha! No seriously I have no idea. Maybe he would think I needed more confidence?

  12. What would he think? Something between “You’re kinda interesting” and “You’re so weird” lol
    Would he approve of my way of living? Nope. I don’t think so. Whenever I read his blog I feel as if he is scolding me. .. I’m trying to be a better person, GACKTさん. Really, I’m trying. 🙁

  13. I can’t say what he would think of me…as people see me in a different way than I think they see me.

  14. I honestly don’t think he would like me at least not at first since I’m hyper and random i think our personality would clash so he might even go out of his way to avoid me but I think given enough time I’d grow on him and he did put up with Miyavi for a while so I have a chance

  15. I’d rather not speculate, as I have no idea. I’m not the most lady-like, very quiet, or submissive, so that’d probably be grating. But I’d like to hope he’d see the over-caring, sensitive person I am. He’s a good judge of character from what I’ve seen, so I think we’d reach an agreement eventually.
    Though,he’d probably think I’m goofy and quiet on the first meeting. I never know what to say to my idols.

  16. I certainly cannot predict what he`d think of me but I`m sure he`d like my smile)))

  17. I want meeting him, but scared. I’m introvert T_T but i want be a good girl %) honest and devoted

  18. I think it depends on whether I got the chance to make a good first impression or not.

    I am quite often unmotivated and mopey and bitter. I don’t live each day of my life “seriously”. I could try harder and do more. He would probably judge me for that, and yes it would hurt.

    However, I do have positive traits, I’m smart, funny and generally good-natured. And I have achieved a lot. Maybe if I can start from there, he’ll forgive some of my lapses.

  19. I really don’t know! but when I met him…I’ll tell you! promise! =__= 😀

  20. no idea. another’s opinion/s of me is none of my business and if said person tries to make it my business, then they’re the one in lacking. oooooooooh HISSSSS!! (I’m such a stirrer..)