Which song do you want to know the story behind?

GACKT has said in the past he doesn’t fully explain his songs because he wants people to come up with their own meaning. But if you could have him privately tell you everything about his own thoughts and explanation of one of his songs, which one would you pick?

Which song do you want to know the story behind?


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  1. I would like to know the stories behind “Last Song” and “The Returner”.

  2. I just want to know what he thought ‘Papa Lapped a Pap Lopped’ meant. That’s all I want. It’s been bothering me for years.

  3. By all means “Oblivious ~顔のない天使~” please!

    Dear GACKTさん, it’s nice to leave interpretation to fans, but we REALLY are curious about the background stories. What situation were they written in and what was your main motive. Which songs do you personally connect to eachother and who were they dedicated to. Before you retire someday, please release a book with a minimum of one comment per song of yours. And in best case let it be bi-lingual! Thanks <3

        • sure. it seems to be fitting in with the RRII theme, from what I can tell. I am reminded of the movie Memento, where Guy Pearce plays a man with no long term memory and therefore tattoos the clues to his wife(?)’s murder on his skin so he remembers. trouble is, a lot of it is lost in translation or is sheer fallacy and he ends up doing some pretty terrible things because of it.

          on the same note in a way, it’s like this character is trying to find someone he can’t recall. like his memories have been stripped of him and he is amongst all the chaos and ruin of war, trying to piece together this “faceless angel” he knows exists, but can never recognise.

          I have another theory of a third-person perspective. of an actual “angel” (either someone who has died or an *actual* angel) who watches over the character as tries to make sense of the banality of war itself.

          either way it’s a horrifically tragic song.

          • Hoh, I see. I’ve got someone with refines senses before me. *smiles*

            We a very much on the same page. Though I basically put the first and second part together. There is a woman he lost, and knows he has, yet can’t remember. He knows that he has lost her. There’s that wonderful “mou hitori no boku ga iru”. “There is another me”. At one side it might be stating that the person he was, died with her. At the other hand it could also say, that she was so close to him, knowing him so well, that she was like another self to him. His precious mirror.

            He sees her as faceless angel, which is very much the same term for me as “soul”. Not in shape anymore and maybe also not in shape yet. Knowing that even reborn, she will not carry the same face (even if he remembered her former one), he’s torn by his longing to find her. Only being certain of that she’s watching him whatever shape and place she might be in/at.

            Sure, the song belongs into the concept of Moon Saga. But what I really would want to ask him, is if he really just made it out of the concept of the story. I’m more into the part of knowing, to which extent he personally may feel (or not feel) this way. Loss is a thing in his life. The longing to meet the lost ones again in another life, seems to be a matter in his life, too. I’m just really curious how much of this song came not just from his mind, but his heart. To which extent he himself is searching. And I’m curious about his personal perspective of how it is/was for him. Because we all know that there are things that we do very consciously and yet there’s a ton happening subconsciously and then at some point we evtl. realize what we’ve been doing all this time. Maybe the post straight way to put my question is: “To which extent are you consciously vending this topic over and over again. And how to you explain it to yourself”. XD

            I love people. We are so wonderfully simple and equally complicated at the same time. I love getting glimses of all sides and layers of the fw people I’m deeply interested in. Well …. not that he’d simply tell me. But after all this entry lead to the both of us sharing thoughts! That’s satisfying enough to me.

          • oh, I agree. a meeting of minds, equal intellect and insight.. perfection. <3

            what you were saying about the soul could make sense, as well. I think Gakkun uses death as a metaphor more often than not. though his life has been scattered with loss and tragedy, I think it's a bit more about what it represents than what it is. but hey, I could very well be entirely wrong about that.

            I also wonder if he wanders between planes, the same as I do. there seems to be a theme of possible reincarnation in there (the soul he's trying to find may be from a previous life?) or even seeing spirits (a la Secret Garden MV) if looking at it from the angel PoV.. to be honest, when I first heard it, it felt like the character was witnessing a death and seeing the angel come down and collect the soul to take to.. Heaven? wherever.

          • Ah, wandering between the planes! You, too! Nice.

            Well, death is the thing that can get many people reflect on how they live. He said himself that his main point is to track down what a humn is by approaching it over what a human is not. However, while he may be usuing a lot of his fantasy, dreams and use those to look at things, people like you and me are aware that there’s more between heaven and earth than meets the eye. And those who wander between the planes at whatever level, tend to figure out at some point that our dreams are not just the production of our brain sorting things out. Dreams and fantasy are the gates to our inner wisdom that is beyond the knowledge of our mind. And in order not to scare ourselves, we confront ourselves with it in the “everything is possible”-context of dreams and fantasy. 😀

            Ahaha, this is fun. But when people read this, they are bound to think the both of us are crazy ppl talking about really weird stuff. *lol* This world is full of things that can’t be understood nor even gasped unless you experience them yourself.

          • I agree wholeheartedly. especially the ‘crazy’ part. 😉 hehe, nah..

            death is just another part of life. one that is not readily accepted due to fear of the pain of dying. he uses this analogy a lot in his music, sometimes masking it as ‘rebirth’ (twice directly, now..). it’s one of those things you can’t go back from, either. once that awareness is there, your eyes are open.. and you start to see things differently.. and that’s putting it lightly. 😉

          • gives an entirely new perspective to the phrase “ignorance is bliss”, doesn’t it?

  4. Setsugekka I’d like to know why he used the pendant from Tsuki no Uta in the video I’d like to know if any of his songs are meant to go together despite being on different albums .

  5. Moon Saga 4 songs: Setsugekka, Hakuro, Sakura Chiru and Akatsukizukuyo. I’d love to know everything about them and the link between them.

  6. Junigatsu no Love Song. Heard this in 3 languages including English but would like to hear his story behind it. 🙂

  7. This one’s easy – “The Returner- Yami no Shūen”
    The lyrics always sounded to me like a soldier dying in battle, but never reuniting with a loved one, instead falling into darkness. The imagery is so beautiful, but I’d love to hear his side of the story.

  8. I think not knowing is best. Every time I find out the story behind any work of art, I feel it takes something from it. Of course, the freedom to interpret it differently is still there, but it’s confined, in a way, because the work takes on a too particular character, as opposed to a universal one.

  9. I don’t think I want to know the story behind his songs. I think, his way to express his feelings through the songs, and his way to share those feelings with us, they’re much more meaningful for me..

  10. Many of his songs are coloured by the stories they are attached to (RR, MOON SAGA, etc) … so, I would have to go with Uncertain Memory. That one is one of the most mysterious to me.

  11. “Setsugekka” or perhaps “Maria” … though I agree with cauliflower346… what on earth is up with “Pappa Lapped a Pap lopped” … love the song.. but my gosh is it strange! Furthermore, I seem to recall hearing somewhere that “fast speaking Americans will understand the title” but no matter how fast I say it.. I still don’t get it! haha

  12. I think… well I HOPE… that I understand most of them. I am translating them, after all.

    I was confused by some of the lyrics to Akatsukizukuyo-DAY BREAKERS- so please explain that, GACKT.

  13. I wanna know the back story of every single song he made. but more of them I want to know about mizerable and Claymore

  14. again, likely deeply personal: the entire Mizérable EP. there’s a whole lot of pain in those songs.