What aspect of his appearance or personal style would you like to compliment?

I’m sure this will be an easy one for the vast majority of GACKT fans out there.

What aspect of his appearance or personal style would you like to compliment?

I'm sure you can think of something
I’m sure you can think of something

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25 responses to “What aspect of his appearance or personal style would you like to compliment?”

  1. I do like his body for more than just the obvious reasons, since it’s a reflection of his dedication to his ideals. I might not necessarily agree with all of his opinions on gender, but at least he practices what he preaches.

  2. I love his sense of fashion (with a few exceptions) and he has a wonderful physique, but I think my overall favorite thing about him is his eyes. They’re very expressive and I love how dark they are.

  3. I would compliment him on his eyes, you can tell a lot about a person through their eyes. In pictures, his eyes convey a lot of power and confidence and I find that the most intriguing and attractive.

  4. Hmmm…everything?? He changed his appearance a lot during those years, and each time I saw him, I liked.

  5. What always gets my attention are his hands, they’re beautiful and expressive and I feel like they have stories to tell.

    But I also love his eyes, and the corner of his mouth, and his arms, and… look, I love everything, ok? =X

  6. This may sound a bit perverted, but I like when he`s in women`s outfits – you can see his legs – I really compliment them. And when he reveals his eyes – they are so deep and amazing. And when he smiles – you can`t take your eyes from his wonderful smile)))

  7. The eyes are always my favorite thing on a person, and it’s no exception here. Contacts or no, his have just been so expressive, and bursting to the brim with energy.

  8. His eyes and lips are what really draw me in. His eyes are so intense and deep in their natural hue, it’s really stunning and I want him to know how beautiful his natural eye color is. They’re like small galaxies. His lips are very plush and full and quite lovely.

  9. His friggin’ face. His body, voice, hair (even the guwashi), clothing style…except the elf shoes!

  10. Sexiest. Lips. EVER. He’s wonderful all over but I’m always staring at those LIPS. 😛

  11. It’s a difficult question for me,because what makes me like him is never about physical or visual appearance. I like him even though I have no idea about his face or appearance (in 3 early years since I became his fan,I only knew him from his great voice,songs,and music from a local radio in my country,and it was difficult for me to have internet access at that time).
    But,since I knew his appearance,I’m always helpless when he smiles

  12. Dear GACKTさん,

    although these are parts of you I don’t get to see quite often, I like your real eyes, your real hair color and I really really like to see photos when you’re all natural WITH wrinkles and pores. You are a man and to me you get more attractive with every year you gain. That’s nothing that should be hidden (although I’m aware that these choices are not always up to you)

  13. The tattoo. It seems he’s not a fan of tattoos but he still got one and put such a great meaning into it. It’s really impressive.

  14. I love the sexy little dimples at the corners of his mouth, his natural dark eyes, his facial expressions, and his chest. His intelligence and inner strength are lovely too, and manifest in the way that he carries himself physically.

  15. His entire body looks like it is crafted by the gods themselves! Ahaha but by far the best things are his beautiful eyes and stunning smile~ Also his little moles here and there (or “beauty marks” as my family calls them) that you can see in less-edited photos are just too precious! I wish they wouldn’t try to hide them!

  16. I adore his voice. so expressive without being loud or boisterous. noisy people frustrate me.. and he has that quintessential Japanese male gruffness that gives me shivers. he could be telling me off and I would grin like an idiot. ^_~