Post a photo of your hometown or country.

Last demographic related prompt! Now we should have a good idea of who GACKT fans are:

Post a photo of your hometown or country.

(Note: Preferably a photo you took yourself. Not your actual house. You can post where you currently live or where you were born depending on which you prefer.)

Credit to cauliflower346
Home is where the heart is.

You don’t have to write anything, but if you do, please keep it to tweet length (1-2 sentences) for this prompt. Also keep it to 3 photos max, please.


26 responses to “Post a photo of your hometown or country.”

  1. I’m stealing a picture from my sister (she has some talent!); Allison took this over Cherokee Lake in my hometown Morristown, Tennessee, USA.

  2. Grand Hotel Traian and The Culture Palace, Iași/Iassy, România/Romania

  3. A smal town at the south-west of Germany, close to the border to France and Strasbourg! That’s the closest explenation I can give on the Internet! (^_~)

  4. this is atop the Story Bridge in Brisbane in Queensland, Australia (I didn’t take this though..)