What do you think you have in common with GACKT?

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What do you think you have in common with GACKT?

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and I’m gonna use this gif cause I like it

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22 responses to “What do you think you have in common with GACKT?”

  1. Interest in music, languages, travel, etc. A perfectionist streak. Gets very obsessive over topics of interest. Tendency to think the world and people “should” work a certain way. Inclined to be rather cranky (at least on the inside) when people point out a mistake. Overthinker. Just a bit weird in general.

    I don’t have his competitiveness, ambition or sadistic/dominant traits though. He’s also much more sentimental, extroverted, and emotionally open than me.

  2. I think we share an interest in learning languages, traveling, and music. I think we also think about things differently from most people.From what I read, we’re also very sentimental and value relationships a lot.

  3. I tend to obsess over thinks I like, and I’m open with my emotions. I’m sentimental and have a deep respect for my friends and family.

  4. Gosh! It`s hard to tell. Love of music, dominant thing Gackt has is kind of familiar to me and I`ve got a little bit of it too (but only my peole at home feel it), and also – intelligence and kindness.

  5. Hmm to some point we have a similar understanding of relationships, I guess. Treasuring friends and loved ones is important. However, sometimes the best you can do for them may be something that hurts them. They may be mad, but if that’s the price to see them move on to a happier life, then it’s for the best.
    I also think that G, too, treasures bonds yet doesn’t cling to them. When friends/lovers move on, then it’s OK, because you had the time that you had. Nobody can take this away from you!

    Dear GACKTさん, you often get ladies mad at you when you talk about women & relationship, but I think that in most cases I get the gist of what you mean and I can agree on some of it.

  6. I think I share with GACKT his deep love for languages and music. What reminds me of my self in his traits is his somehow strict character as I feel I’m often strict as well. (^^;) Still, I like things to go as determined as I plan the same way as GACKT does, I think, yeah!

  7. The way he thinks and the way he feels, I believe is similar to mine.

    Also, that fighting spirit he has, it’s definitely something I can identify in myself as well (even though I don’t use it the same way he does), along with the competitiveness (it comes from the same place).

    His attention to detail and perfectionism is something else we share. But also looking at things from the outside and seeing the big picture.
    We also share a taste for playing with words. And when there’s something new to catch our interest, we’ll try to learn all we can about it.

    There’s lots of other little things too, even though we’re different in many ways, I see myself in him a lot. Not just who I am, but my potential self too, who I can be if I try hard enough. I guess that’s why I like him so much, he’s not just another artist whose work I enjoy, he’s someone I resonate with.

  8. perfectionist,hard worker,risk taker,have great willingness to learn,have a lot of goals and do the best to achieve them,have some leadership traits,organized,strict,unpredictable,love to travel,have a short temper,afraid of cockroaches,not afraid of being unique and different,love to inspire and encourage others,do something silly sometimes,and like dirty jokes 😀

  9. So, this is a guess, and connected to one of my previous answers, but both of us seem to over-think the world a bit. I put way too much thought into simple things, and the results can be both stressful and ugly. But, on the flip-side, when he overthinks it, what comes out tends to be amazing and insightful. I would pay just about anything to sit in one room and just bandy over so many different topics.

  10. I think that the fact that we both pour our souls in what we do…I can’t do things half-assed.

  11. Passion for music, love for animals, interest in learning something new, appreciating small things as well as big things and having, like, a weak spot for certain things like traveling, kami, holding on to traditions that are important for me…

  12. I have similar tastes as him. Like colors, styles, patterns, designs, music etc., maybe because I’m an artist. 🙂 And I’m a bit obsessive also.

  13. I can’t remember if he’s ever stated it this way per se, but I think we both believe that what gets labelled as being a perfectionist should actually be the bare minimum. When people tell me I’m a perfectionist, most of the time my internal response is “No, you’re just doing things too half-assedly.”

  14. We like horses, dogs, cars, food, wine, a cosy place, watching people , chairs…….

  15. Quite a bit. Some similar life events as young people. Growing up feeling insecure. Determination and drive, and an insistence on doing it MY way, or not at all. A crazy sense of humor. A bit naughty. Appreciation for loyal people. Intense focus. Compassion and kindness. No tolerance for phonies or BS.

  16. From what I’ve read in Jihaku, our pasts are strikingly similar as far as home life and the way we were treated. Personality wise: a love of all creative mediums, a little quirky in general, overthinking things, being romantic, being very sentimental, teasing others because we like them, being a big cute dork over the things that interest us, and valuing those we care about beyond all else!

  17. The way he think.
    Sometimes I feel as we are from the same planet, but not from the Earth ))

  18. The way he thinks at some points… and the way we both destroy everything to see what they made of and how they made!!!!

  19. a fetish for knowledge. musical prowess. the sense of humour. the importance of politeness and custom. an air of sadism. the empathic, highly sensitive emotional side. the impermanence of people and places, though hard as it may be to walk away or let go. the ability to do what is necessary to achieve one’s goals.