What change or evolution of GACKT’s made you most happy to see?

The more things change, the more they stay the same… This certainly seems to be true of GACKT. In his earliest interviews, the same passions and goals that motivate him today shine through. And yet, there’s a difference in his appearance and manner…

What change or evolution of GACKT’s made you most happy to see?

fluffy haired baby
fluffy haired baby

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20 responses to “What change or evolution of GACKT’s made you most happy to see?”

  1. Well, it technically changed before I became a fan in 2004, but when I saw some early videos of GACKT (e.g. Mizerable) I was quite shocked by how thin he was at the time*. I’m glad that he looks healthier now, and I do appreciate the muscle he put on since 2007/Furin Kazan. That said, some of the stuff he says about his training/eating habits is still just a little bit concerning.

    I’m also glad he seems to be more comfortable and confident expressing his emotions and smiling in public. I think in generally he seems a bit more relaxed and happy than back in the day. Also I have no idea if he’s travelling for business or pleasure, but he seems to be having fun since he left Japan.

    *(not to imply unusually thin people can’t be healthy, but he also mentioned in an interview that he lost a lot of weight from stress recording his first EP, so I think it’s safe to say it was not a healthy or normal size for him).

  2. He definitely looks happier and more at ease with himself. That’s the biggest change you immediately notice when comparing with the earlier years. And it’s definitely the change that I most enjoy seeing. His smile is priceless <3

  3. I’ve only been a fan for about a year, so I’m not quite sure what changes he’s made. What ever it was though, it’s noticeable. I don’t know if this makes sense, but when you compare pictures of him now versus when he was younger, there seems to be more light to his eyes? Like there was some kind of weight or something troubling him that doesn’t seem to be there now, or maybe not as troubling as it once was.

    I think my favorite thing is seeing him smile and laugh more, so that’s a change I’m happy to see. He has a wonderful smile that can light up a room. He deserves to be happy and seeing him like that makes me happy. The training is also a change that I can support (as long as he remembers not to overdo it and hurt himself).

  4. When i watch older interviews of him, i notice that he nearly never smiled or showed any kind of emotions. He was “too cool” at that time, maybe it was just the 90’s idk. He changed a lot when it comes to that. He’s smiling, telling his weird but wonderful stories and you can even see him cry. GACKT is not giving the impression of a puppet anymore.

  5. That he looks happier and more content these days. And that he can express his feelings in a more open way. Overall he’s more relaxed. Seeing him leasurely laugh and goof around with friends is great! I love to read that he’s resting up once in a while. And as far as I can see he’s not ending up in hospital all that often anymore!

    Dear GACKTさん, the more you enjoy your life, the more I enjoy watching you. It’s uplifting!

  6. Well, when I became a fan, he was already “behaving” like an artist. When I looked on old videos or interviews, I couldn’t believe how shy he was, and was looking so thin!~~~~ So, I guess that seeing him more healthy and more confident on his own skills, made me really happy.

  7. I’m happy that he’s more comfortable to speak up his mind,to open himself to others,to express his true feelings..
    Most of all,I’m happy that he smiles often calmly and laugh more casually.somehow,it makes me feel that he’s more approachable..

  8. I am most happy about his appearance. Like others have said, when he first started out he was quite frail looking. He looks much healthier. He looks more confident and his smile is more natural.

  9. If we talk about his evolution as a person – I like thet he became wise and confident man, and as artist – I like that he stepped beyond his musical acting into theatrical one.

  10. There’s definitely a huge difference between Malice Mizer era Gackt’s TV appearances and current GACKT’s TV appearances. I’ve read that he was like that back then simply because he was uncomfortable on TV. Don’t really know if internally he likes it any more now, but outwardly he looks much more comfortable, so that’s good.

  11. That he shows that warm bright smile more often. In early videos on TV he seems rather uncomfortable, so seeing him more open is good.
    And I think his thinness suited him, but I do prefer his more muscular look. It’s not too much and not too little, but an amazing athletic figure ^^

  12. I was so so so glad to see him actually be himself and smile and laugh more. He has the most beautiful smile and laugh and a great sense of humor. He has gained such a cool confidence and happiness and it makes me so glad! <3

  13. I like the fact that he smiles a lot more, and that he’s come out of his shell a lot more in interviews. He doesn’t seem as self-conscious as he used to be. I love all of his interviews; he’s always got something interesting to say!

  14. in his appearance… well… everything!! I like him more to be manly with less makeup( girly makeup?!!)!

  15. Gakkun seems to have relaxed into his own skin more. it might just be a front but I don’t think so. it comes naturally as one gets older. ^_^

  16. I dont like the way his voice changed so strange and its getting stranger and stranger and thinking of this topic his things doing lately didnt impress me at all. His former works brilliant.

  17. He’s constantly evolving, constantly adapting. It’s less any one instance, and more just his overall existence as this “humanoid adaptoid”. I totally understand why he’s fascinated with androids and such; it seems like he’s viewed himself as an outside observer looking in on humanity, trying to figure it all out, and I’d say he’s made some excellent progress in doing just that.