Who would you like to see GACKT collaborate/duet with?

GACKT has so many acquaintances in the Japanese music industry, it sometimes seems that he literally knows everyone. He’s recorded a duet with Hyde, performed with Lee Hom Wang, and took part in short lived superband SKIN. As great as GACKT’s solo work is, collaborations are always exciting.

Who would you like to see GACKT collaborate/duet with?

The collaboration that launched a thousand ships
The collaboration that launched a thousand ships

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  • Amaia

    My dream collaboration would be GACKT x Yuki Kajiura, the woman behind Kalafina, See-Saw, Fiction Junction and many amazing anime/game OSTs https://youtu.be/0R7sas8bWN4

  • Amaia

    My dream collaboration would be GACKT x Yuki Kajiura, the lady behind Kalafina, See-Saw, Fiction Junction and many awesome anime soundtracks https://youtu.be/0R7sas8bWN4

  • Molly

    I agree with Amaia. I think a collab between GACKT and Yuki Kajiura would be amazing!

  • The Bad Wolf

    I would love to see him work with Ronan Harris of VNV Nation, they are a wonderful band but most importantly, Ronan seems like such a nice man.

  • Marina Kovalova

    I`d like him to duet with Kokia.

  • Miyu

    I would like to see him with L’arc en Ciel, Buck-Tick or with Sugizo, playing the violin.

  • YFCzAngel777

    I know this isn’t another Japanese musician… but is it strange of me to want to hear a collab with G and Josh Groban?? And also with Rammstein (though the music styles differ on this one I’m sure something very unique and cool could be created. Plus a friend and I would just really love to see Till Lindemann and G together because they are 2 of our faves~)

  • Japanese post-rock band Mono. Might seem like an odd choice, but when I think about songs like Solitary, Suna no Jyuujika ~Interlude~, freesia~op.2~, or 以心伝心 -Telepathy- I can see the result being interesting. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TmEdJI8A76A

  • GACKT & Atsushi Sakurai from Buck-Tick.
    GACKT & AmyLee from Evanescence.
    I feel their music is kinda similar (though Evanescence is a little abit darker) tbh I wouldn’t really know what to expect.. I just love both of them ^^

  • elizabethg

    GACKT and T.M. Revolution should record a least one single!

  • Ursu Ana Maria

    Hmm…this is a hard one. I can’t think at any specific collaboration, but I guess any would be great.

  • I wish I could see GACKT singing with Kinki Kids a song together some day!

  • Ka-chan | カッちゃん

    GACKT feat. Yuya Matsushita sould be interesting to hear and realy nice to see, too. But the truth is that I’d love to hear G sing a song written by either Yōko Kanno or Hiroyuki Sawano

  • amanita ika

    I’d like to see GACKT has collaboration with Taylor Momsen..she’s a lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist of a hard rock band from New York City: Pretty Reckless..
    I think her voice and her style of music will be fit with GACKT..besides,she’s a sexy blonde..I think GACKT would be happy to meet her 🙂

  • Eli

    I’m tempted to say exist†trace but I can’t really imagine how that would even go. I’m sure GACKT could figure it out though.

  • Neko-chi

    David Bowie , I think it would be really interesting to see what they would come up with together.

  • I like the idea about collaboration with David Bowie, sounds interesting.

  • Anca

    Definitely Kanye West. Because, the way I figure it, there are two possibilities – they either get along like a charm or try to kill each other, and I really need to see which one it is.

  • SINNERS from New Jersey; Nancy and Gackt would sound great together!

  • With Hyde. Not just in the movie, but on the scene. And I’d be in the seventh heaven, if they make some records together.

  • Oni Weiss

    I don’t know… with Tarja =)

  • Sofia3081

    David Bowie, it will be great!

  • Rei leonard

    with Yoshiki and I really want to see him duet with Hyde again

  • Trin Achronism

    oh, Bowie. TT_TT

    Kyo from Dir en grey. they seem to have the same imaginative stylings and it would be awesome.

  • Cibo Kirri

    Metallica i dont know why

  • Leana

    Me, seriously. I enjoy sound design probably even more than I enjoy coming up with music, and I’d love to see what he could do with just a keyboard loaded with my own invented presets.