What is your best GACKT-related memory?

Music can not only inspire, it can bring you back to another time and place. Maybe you have had the luck to see GACKT in person, maybe you haven’t, but I’m sure all of us have at least a pleasant association with one song or album.

What is your best GACKT-related memory?


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  • Amaia

    My most powerful memory is certainly of the first tour I saw (RRII). Even the sight of the room I stayed in or a particular smell from the venue foyer brings it all back. Apart from the fact that it was awesome to see GACKT for the first time, it was also my first time travelling solo, and a big achievement in terms of hard work and planning and self-confidence. There was an intense sense of freedom and the feeling that everything was finally working out. I’ve had a lot of ups and downs since, but it was definitely a high point.

  • Molly

    I think my most powerful memory was listening to the Unplugged version of Last Song for the first time. Something about his voice sent chills down my spine and tears down my cheeks. Hearing the little hitches in his breath and the power in his voice is something that always gets me whenever I listen to it.

  • Kuri Calingacion

    Nothing gets to me more than last year, my first year living in Japan. At that time, I really didn’t think much of GACKT anymore. He was like some kind of person I fondly remember with my younger days in high school or in college. I was assigned to teach English in the countryside rather than in a big city. I was mostly upset with it at first because of the isolation and lack of things to do. But around summer, I heard from a friend that GACKT was going to play Uesugi Kenshin in a battle reenactment in the prefecture I lived in. The best part about it was that it was during my birthday. So, on my birthday, I went all the way off to the mountains, stood on the road, waiting. And when he started his walk down the road on his white horse and came close (like, close enough that if I took three steps and reached out, I could touch him) to me, I swear I almost fainted. I was trembling and was on the brink of tears after he had passed by.

    It was definitely a birthday I could never forget.

  • lazycat66

    Orenji no Taiyou had a powerful impact one me the first few times I listened to it. I had just watched Moon Child too, so when I heard the song that emotional roller-coaster crashed down on me all over again. Ahah. Good times =P
    I don’t know if that’s my best or most powerful GACKT-related memory… I don’t really have one that stands out, I have a bunch of little ones that came with every new thing that I’d find.

  • amanita ika

    It was Dears, the first song of him that I heard 14 years ago from a local radio. It was the first time I feel so moved simply by listening to someone’s voice. Since then, every time I listen to his voice, I feel I can do anything, reach everything, express myself, and dare to dream. The memory when I listened to his voice for the first time, thanks to that, I changed, grow up, and somehow, my dreams come true

  • Ursu Ana Maria

    I don’t have any special GACKT-related memory, but I am willing to make one :3

  • Miyu

    My most powerful memory is when a friend sent me a link to GACKT’s “Vanilla” video of the fanservice-live. I listened to it all day long and it made me google him and listen to more songs. A few weeks later he came to germany with YFC and i really wanted to go to the concert but at that time no one would go with me. Even though i regret not going to the concert, it was my first time noticing GACKT and his music and getting in touch with everything involving him. I’m thankful for that.

  • I can’t call it a particular moment or a certain memory. I think it was while watching RRII DVD. It’s just when I realised there is such a wonderful person in this world it made me look at it from a different angle, kind of opened my eyes. “Perhaps there are more good people in this world. Perhaps this world is not lost. Perhaps it’s worth taking part in making it better.”

  • The moment I bought my first live concert. It was RRII dvd. The very first live I watched and a very special one to me.
    I really hope that one day I can see GACKT LIVE. That would be a dream come true.

  • Allyson MacPherson

    I’d say it was when I first introduced GACKT to the younger girls at my school’s anime club. I showed them the PVs of “Flower” and “Love Letter “, and they were hooked instantly. It was nice to finally have friends with a similar music taste.

  • elizabethg

    When I got my fist 2 GACKT CD’s for Xmas! I had never even seen any GACKT stuff in person! I totally freaked out!!! XD

  • Angela Headley

    I don’t really have any big moments or memories, but I think the biggest memory I have was seeing the first interview with the man. Just listening to him chat about life and various silly things was fun, and gave me a new side to the artist that’s left a lasting impression on me. If not that, than the first time I heard Last Song is a close second; I haven’t gone through this kind of breakup, but it still struck me hard.
    Close third is the first time I saw a video for Fantastic Baby. That one requires some effort to forget.

  • Eli

    The quest to acquire “The Air Moon” became a treasured memory for me. From the time I was a child until my early 20s I was afraid to initiate conversations. I wouldn’t even talk to shop people for fear I’d be a nuisance to them. But while I was in Japan in 2004, I happened to see an ad for the book in a magazine. The ad was a photo of GACKT standing tall with his arms wide open. For some reason, it took a hold of me. I HAD to get that book! I ended up having to go to many bookstores and ask the clerks for it, which took a tremendous amount of courage for me back then. I found it on my very last day in Japan (that time around).

  • Marina Kovalova

    There`s no best memory at the moment because it`s constantly changing from one to another. But the last one was just walking home after a work day and listening to Graffiti – the song evoked such a strong feeling of how life is great the way it is, how the scenery around me was amazing, and living is a wonderful thing just believe that it`s great and it will be like that.

  • Ka-chan | カッちゃん

    There are many but….

    Dear GACKTさん, walking through Munich in 2010 drenched to my skin of the rain that I got caught in while waiting for you to leave the venue and feeling cheerful and save, was wonderful. Although I was walking alone through a big strange city and gloomy train stations in the middle of the night, I felt free and save!
    And then I got on the train and saw just as wet and cheerful other fans at the other end of the wagon. We were all laughing and grinning so hard that all people around us couldn’t help but smile.

    That’s one of my first happy GACKT related memories!

  • Mine is absolutely seeing him in person for the first time at the BUNRAKU premiere in Toronto back in 2010. To this day, I still believe when he looked over in my direction and nodded while walking down the red carpet, it was in response to my calling out his name while standing in the rain just outside the covered area. After that he went down the tunnel and several people–including myself–ran down to the opposite end where we were able to see him before he went inside the theatre. He signed a few autographs while almost literally standing right in front of me, and unfortunately was rushed inside just before he would have gotten to me. I’ve attached a picture here that I’ve never posted anywhere which shows where I was standing.

    But regardless, it was an experience that I’ll never forget. Sitting at the top and back of the theatre after the film was screened and listening to him talk in English so sincerely about his feelings towards the film, his co-stars, and their work ethic was incredibly inspiring.

  • It was the first time that I watched Moon Child. I was so proud of him; I was so proud to be his fan. When I share the DVD with people new to Gackt and his music, they’re so blown away that he also WROTE the story behind it.

  • “Even if you hang your head in shame and cry, it seems nothing will change
    Come now, try to look up at the sky”

    Summer 2011, when Japan searched for the people, who was disappeared because of earthsquare and tsunami, I read a very frightening and sad article, that took me to the very sad mood. I couldn’t get out of this mood until Gackt’s song “Mata, Koko de Aimashou”. This song returned me to the normal life. And although I cried a lot that day, when I watched the clip, I am grateful for this song.

  • YFCzAngel777

    Yes it’s an upbeat song.. but “Road: just makes me feel so so happy! Maybe because it was at the end of many a Platinum Box with clips of Gackt and friends. It just makes me thing of love and friendship and bonding. Also, “Setsugekka” always gives me chills and sends my heart racing just like the first time I heard it and was moved to tears <3

  • Oni Weiss

    When he smile and happy. when our thoughts are similar.

  • Sofia3081

    My most powerful memory is when came to Moscow with the concert YFC and was so close.

  • Rei leonard

    when some of his songs make me remember so many nice memories that buried in the past

  • Trin Achronism

    the first time I heard the RE:BORN version of Sayonara. I remember thinking: “wow, his voice has really matured”. then pretty much the whole of RRII.