What should GACKT see or do if he visits your country?

GACKT has visited over 100 countries, and travels a lot for both work and private time. Let’s offer some recommendations:

What should GACKT see or do if he visits your country?


Suggested response length: 100-200 words

  • Amaia

    I imagine he’d enjoy one of our wine producing regions (there are a lot in the south half of Australia). Out of places I know well, I think he’d like Tasmania, lots of 1800’s buildings, wineries, gourmet food, mountains and forests to go driving or horse-riding and a ton of antique/furniture shops. Weather can be a bit rainy but can also be nice and cool at the right time of year.

  • Molly

    I think he should visit New Orleans. I think he would enjoy the architecture and the atmosphere.

  • lazycat66

    Well, he has seen a bit of Lisbon already, so now maybe he could visit Sintra (it’s nearby). It’s got museums, architecture, palaces, a castle, nature… it’s a lovely place.
    Then moving away from the capital, a bit to the south, he could visit Évora, it’s got a chapel made of bones and outside the village there’s an old cromlech. And the village itself is a pleasant place.
    More to the north of the country there’s Piódão, a historical village with houses built of schist, and nature all around.
    Portugal is a tiny country, but is full of history and old villages and beautiful places! <3
    And there's also the Azores! Gorgeous scenery! But I've never been, so I don't know what it's actually like to be there.

  • Angela Headley

    I would definitely suggest Chicago, with all the museums and concerts that happen there. For historical value, though, I’d suggest New Orleans; the history is infused in almost every building. Besides, it’s got Bourbon Street, and it’s the mecca for spicy food 😀

  • I’d love GACKT to see the ancient monuments of my country, Egypt, as well as the beautiful green fields, the River Nile, nature, and even further places for entertainment like Cairo Opera House. 😀

  • I’d take him snowboarding at Cypress mountain or Whistler village here in Canada .

  • Marina Kovalova

    He should visit Kiev. It has ancient architecture alongside with the modern one on beautiful green hills, beautiful nature and beautiful people)))

  • Miyu

    He should totally go to the amusement park called “Europa Park”. And he should see “Gengenbach”, it’s a wonderful historic city with lots of half-timber houses. In December the townhall turns into a huge advent calendar – it’s the world’s largest. You can see Gengenbach in Tim Burton’s “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”. They show the historic city but called it “Düsseldorf”. The park and movie are pretty famous and i think he would really enjoy the sight and food.

  • elizabethg

    I’ve heard New England is very nice. If he went there I’d want to go too of course! 😀

  • Ka-chan | カッちゃん

    Castels, historical cities and by all means: nature!

    Dear GACKTさん, Germany is a place with great energy, scenery and people. Come back when you need to re-charge yourself and put your body and mind at ease!

  • Eli

    Hm, the US is such a huge country and I’ve only been to a small fraction of it, so I can’t even think to recommend places on that scale, but of what I know…I think he’d probably enjoy winter sports in Michigan best. Skiing, snowboarding, ice skating…maybe a little hockey?

    In my birth country of Honduras, I’d recommend the ancient Maya city of Copán. It’s a beautiful place; clean, peaceful, and mysterious.

  • Neko-chi

    If he was visiting the area where I live I think he’s like going up to mt Lemon.

  • amanita ika

    He said once that he has a house in my country, Indonesia (glad to hear that),and he also has visited Bali a couple of times (Bali is also in Indonesia). But, Indonesia isn’t just Bali. There are some hidden paradise like Derawan Islands and Mentawai Islands that have beautiful beaches and coral reefs.
    He also should see beautiful fields of clouds on the foot of mountain when sunrise in Dieng Plateau, Central Java. This scenery makes us feel like flying on the clouds (that’s why Dieng is called ‘The Land on The Clouds’).
    If he’d like to enjoy culture and arts of Indonesia, I suggest him to visit Jogjakarta, Tana Toraja, and Vesak Festival in Borobudur Temple.
    Most of all, he absolutely has to visit Raja Ampat Islands in West Papua, Indonesia. It’s called ‘The World’s Last Paradise’ because of its amazing islands, breath-taking scenery, and natural resources. It consists of a group of islands, strands of coral reefs, mountains, tropical forests, white sandy beaches, beautiful clear blue sea, green hills, and varieties of wildlife. It’s also rich of various music, dance, and exotic crafting arts from tribes of Papua..

  • Ursu Ana Maria

    Romania really has a lot of old places, that keep the traditions. And many of the cities are cultural places. I can do a full research for him if he asks me to. ^w^

  • Of all the cities I’ve been to in my country, I’d recommend Lviv. Even though I’ve been there for just 2 days, it’s still left an amazing impression on me. Beautiful architecture and such friendly people. Can be a bit crowded, but it was nice walking there at night.
    Also, no matter what, there are lots of picturesque landscapes in Crimea.

  • I agree with Molly; New Orleans. They have a great Goth and underground culture there. Lots of history and old magic. Also, the Butterfly Pavilion in Colorado is enchanting. There’s a big rainforest-like room filled with butterflies who fly about freely. There are benches to sit on, and it’s very calming. I seem to attract them; they’re always landing on me–I’m a butterfly whisperer! LOL They also have interesting creatures that you can interact with, like lizards and tarantulas.

  • He has already been in Russia. To my mind, he should not forget, that he has fans out of Moscow.
    Besides, to my mind, it will be interesting to him to visit some smaller towns, compare his feelings and attitude, looks at the Russian architecture, which is different from other countries.

  • YFCzAngel777

    If you want historical stuff, come to my hometown: Plymouth, MA (aka: “where the pilgrims first landed”) I’d be glad to show him around.
    Otherwise; Cape Cod is a very popular destination! There are plenty of beaches, art galleries, live entertainment, cultural venues, and things like hiking and whale watching and others..

  • Oni Weiss

    Nature. and the cultural monuments. ancient buildings.

  • Rei leonard

    there’s so many places to see in my country. from caves to ancient buildings and beautiful forests and hot springs

  • Trin Achronism

    me. come and see me. I will teach him all the Aussie colloquialisms and slang. and he will be able to swear like a native when I’m done! ^_~