What new thing has GACKT inspired you to try?

Music, languages, acting, snowboarding, darts, billiards, calligraphy… GACKT is a man of many talents who always seems to be trying something new. Here’s my next question:

What new thing has GACKT inspired you to try?

...video games
…video games

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  • Amaia

    To be honest I tend to sink into depression when left to my own devices, so every now and again I have to force myself to Just Do Something. Since I have trouble mustering up interest or motivation on my own, I’ve chosen a lot of things entirely because GACKT did them. Well, if it works…

    I guess the biggest one is taking on Mandarin Chinese as a third language, which eventually resulted in me travelling to Taiwan twice and Mainland China once (Taiwan is amazing, by the way). Also visiting Okinawa (also recommended), volunteering in quake-hit areas of Tohoku, horse riding, and reading Japanese poetry (or trying to).

  • Molly

    His love of languages is something I can relate to, and he inspired me to take up a fourth and fifth language. Currently, I’m attempting to learn German, and I have signed up for Korean in the fall. He also inspired me to try new workout routines and to push myself to do better with anything I do or try.

  • Kameron Charon Angelus

    I first heard of GACKT when his movie Moon Child was released, starring himself and HYDE. Since then, I have watched every one of his live tours and own every song by him, listening every day to his music. He is one of my greatest influences, and has kept me from going under whenever I have felt depressed. Gackt inspires me to do many things every day, but the most important things to me are 1.) Showing compassion to everyone I know and meet, no matter how short the interaction and 2.) To never give up. Also, here is my first portrait drawing of Gackt.

  • Angela Headley

    This one is interesting. I’m almost always shocked by just how much stuff he’s done in one lifetime, and how many things he’s doing at one time. So, not only has he inspired me to take up my want to try different exotic foods, I’ve simply been inspired to do MORE. I keep reading about different medical issues he’s had, and also all he’s managed to accomplish despite that, and I’m both shamed and inspired. Seeing how much he can do at one time has given me the spur I need to accomplish more just in one day alone. I’m chasing after my dreams with much more vigor, and I have him to thank for it.
    So thank you, Gackt, thank you so much.

  • lazycat66

    He inspires me everyday to keep following my dreams, keep fighting and never give up.
    Also, I’ve been slowly learning Japanese, cause I want to understand him without having to depend on others to translate it for me.

    I’m grateful I found him, cause he’s a good influence for me. An influence I was needing in my life, to be honest.

  • Oh well, GACKT has inspired me to keep on practising my hobbies as greatly admiring his multi-talented personality. Even if I’ve often neglected my talents because of work, I still try to do my best to revive them as possible as I can because I remember GACKT’s strong will and his love for talents. I also like his multi-lingual skills which has already inspired me to improve my language skills in French and Japanese (but hopefully more in the coming future).

  • amanita ika

    He inspired me to learn about business and economy (since I read his blog about worldwide decline of stock value).and he inspires me to have healthy lifestyle,such as low carb meal,organized and routine exercise,eat more vegetable,and smile anytime

  • Marina Kovalova

    To live a new life. Live a full life. Never give up because of circumstances. Always do my best and don`t stop trying because of my own fear. And also be more feminine and take the liberty of being a true woman. Thank you, dear Gackt! Thank you SO SO MUCH!!!

  • Ursu Ana Maria

    To study japanese. And by doing that, I felt in love with Japan. I got to meet new people, to work on my shyness, to trust myself more. And not to be afraid of being creative. Strange, how many things started only by doing this ^w^

  • Daily workout, taking snowboard class, re-start practicing violin and considering doing bungee…. (lol)

  • Miyu

    GACKT inspired me to keep going. I had to change some things in my life due to an illness that affected my physical health. He gave me strength and hope in a really dark time and he still gives me so much motivation and inspiration to keep going even if it feels like i’m in a deep hole i can’t escape from. I will always be unbelievably grateful to this man and the things he does.
    Also, since he’s doing a last visualive and i have never been to one of his concerts, i got a job to earn money for a trip to japan, even though it’s very tough because of school/education.

  • Ka-chan | カッちゃん

    Japanese. And then he fired up my love for Japan and my gratitude towards it (for making him the man he is) so much, that as soon as the big disaster hit, I wanted to go for volunteer work. About one year later I got to do it! He also got me to go to his concert in Munich in 2010. I’ve never dared to go to such thing before. It was the first proper beginning of a long story.

    Well GACKTさん, you are the cause of a whole LOT in my life. At times I’m not sure if that’s something I’m glad about, though, or not quite glad about (^_^’). 何となく. I’m still making my own choices over here.

  • elizabethg

    Tried to learn Japanese! Ha Ha! Don’t ask how THAT went! XD

  • cauliflower346

    I can not for the life of me remember where he said this (if anyone has a link, please let me know!), but somewhere he said something along the lines of “even if you don’t like yourself, work to make yourself someone you can like”, I think? It’s been years, but the notion really stuck with me.
    I started pretending to like myself. Started doing things that would make me proud of myself, pretending that I was confident and actually didn’t hate who I was. And eventually my self-hate started to get less and less bad after a few years of that. It really helped me out, and has made me a lot more happy with myself. Fake it till you make it.
    So, as a new thing it may seem kinda strange, but ‘don’t hate yourself’ was a pretty big deal. Not totally over that yet, I don’t think I ever will be, but I’m worlds better than where I was four years ago–and that’s so much more than I ever thought I could have.

  • He has inspired me to simply take action more in general, and to appreciate all experiences, but to be specific: he has inspired me to begin learning Japanese.

  • Eli

    I saw a photo of GACKT in The Air Moon: Crescent Side where he was doing splits and leaning to one side so that his head touched his knee. I wondered if I could do that and was surprised to find that I could (although with not as wide a split). Been finding other ways to stretch ever since!

  • I started learning Japanese, returned to dancing again, but most importantly I started to wonder how to use my life for good. I think I’m still wandering in search for my path but at least I’m not lost anymore. So it’s a start.

  • YFCzAngel777

    Language is a definite: I lack the means to pay for classes or trips overseas but I have managed to self-teach myself a bit of Japanese! Additionally he has inspired me to get out and exercise more recently!

  • Gackt has inspired me to learn Japanese. He’s also inspired me to be a more positive person, and to believe in myself (and that is new for me!)

  • He infected me with desire of learning japan language and making a journey in Japan. Now I try to achieve this goal.

  • Oni Weiss

    Live. and pursue happiness))

  • Sofia3081

    He inspires me to keep going. To smile every day and stay strong.
    To go to the gym. To read R.U.R. by Karel Čapek.
    To listen to Miwa Yoshida. To read about economic system in the world and about DRC wine.
    A lot of interesting things. )

  • Rei leonard

    He made me remember something really important that I’ve forgotten for a long time. My dreams…

  • Trin Achronism

    he’s inspired me to keep being me. after all the hardships and traumas I have faced I have come out on top. he’s made me feel like I’m not the only one who suffers and at a very dark time in my life he inspired me to live with compassion for my fellow man regardless of the anger I have felt.

  • Cibo Kirri

    Im really social awkward and former big anime otaku. I hated real people and hate myself, shut down everyone. And only he make inspured me loving myself and realized me some real people can being cool. He is God for me i want to thank him someday if we meet TT^TT

  • Leana

    Presenting myself in public settings in unique and interesting ways. Usually it’s only celebrities who get away with that, but seeing him doing it, it’s clear it’s something he’s been doing long before he became famous, and all that experimentation with himself and the people around him definitely helped him on the road to finding a voice that could reach the whole world.