If you could buy him a birthday present what would it be?


  • lazycat66

    Music! By Portuguese musicians I know that are damn good and I’m sure he’s never heard before. So there. I’d buy him music.

  • Ursu Ana Maria

    I wouldn’t buy something…I would craft something :3 I am good at crafting XD

  • What can we buy for the man, who has everything? If I can to be with him and know about his identity much more, I’d not to buy anything. I’d just find something he most likes. For example, to take him to some quite place, where he can be not a star, but a man.

  • Molly

    I saw a crystal sword necklace and immediately thought of him, so I guess I’d get him one of those (black naturally). I think I’d also give him something I made and take him out somewhere, since he can buy himself anything he wants.

  • I would buy him something simple, write him a poem, cook a picnic dinner with his favorite foods/wine and take him somewhere secluded where he could relax and enjoy himself. A quiet beach, a forest clearing or a meadow.

  • amanita ika

    I’d like to give him a ‘Java Hokokai Batik’ as a birthday present. It’s a traditional Indonesian cloth. The pattern and ornament of this cloth originated from Javanese cultural (Java is an island of Indonesia), and influenced by Japanese cultural when Japanese people were inhabiting the northern coast of Java in the years of 1942-1945.
    I wish my present for him could be a symbol of brotherhood between us and both of our countries..

  • Allyson MacPherson

    Oh, dear. I don’t know. I would probably give him something hand made such as a scarf or a painting. I would then make him a nice dinner afterwards.

  • Anca

    I wouldn’t buy him a gift! In case that sounds nasty, what I mean is he’s definitely not lacking in material stuff. My gift would be treating him like a human being – instead of like a superstar or some sort of demigod. In an “I like you and I don’t want anything from you” sort of way 🙂

  • Marina Kovalova

    Whatever he wishes as long as it would bring him comfort.

  • I’d love to give him an artwork of mine as a present. I love art so much, and I do trust his appreciation of art in general. 😉

  • Angela Headley

    I’d write him a story.
    I’ve always been a good storyteller, and I’d love to craft a story to show him how much he’s inspired me. I can’t think of a better way to thank an artist for being inspirational than with more art.

  • Miyu

    Since GACKT already has everything i would make sure he can have a week off. He tends to overwork himself to the point he blacks out and wakes up in the hospital. So a week without work and lots of fun stuff and more than 2 hours of sleep would be an awesome present in my opinion. And since i love baking, i would do some magic in the kitchen. Maybe something that represents myself or where i am from so it’s really something special and personal.

  • Hmm. I don’t know…
    I’m not sure if I could buy anything that could impress him but I would love to make have cookies. Butter cookies. :3

  • Mirami Kamui

    An expensive pen. (I’m sure he got many..)

  • YFCzAngel777

    What could I buy him?! And after all… wheres the sentiment in that? I would try to make him a gift! I’d also take him places where he can relax and have fun and then cook him a home-made meal ^^

  • elizabethg

    I would make him some jewelry.

  • Eli

    For someone who works and works out a lot, massages are particularly good, I think. So I’d get him an appointment with the best massage therapist in the world.

  • Ka-chan | カッちゃん

    Dear GACKTさん,

    well if we were friends I probably wouldn’t buy you a present. I’d take you to somewhere quiet place in nature where you could relax. I’d prepare a picnic with food from Germany, Russia or the Ukraine and would lend you my lap if you wanted to take a nap. I would show you some incredible view and just be there to listen to you or tell you stories if you’d want to hear them. I’d make sure to ward off the mosquitos (I’m a woman with sweet blood; they usually prefer me over other people anyways). And start a campfire for us after we’ve seen the sun set. I’d then send you off to a good sleep with a good Reiki massage.

    Oh btw. if I knew you had a girlfriend or person you like, I’d just organize it for the both of you. And maybe hand you a small handmade present that comes from my heart.

    And all of that would take place the day AFTER your actual birthday. On your birthday you are always busy. So once your birthday is over, I’d try to make sure you can get some relaxing freetime.

  • Oni Weiss

    Create good feeling and happiness %) Gift…something kind, with deep meaning, and memorable.

  • Amaia

    Probably a nice bottle of wine from a boutique winery in Australia. Or perhaps something a little more unusual, like Hartzview Spiced Mead (a personal favorite).

    I know he says he only drinks expensive French wine, but it can’t hurt to try something new, right?

  • Neko-chi

    I’d probably just make him a cake or something

  • Sofia3081

    A bottle of expencive DRC vine.

  • Rei leonard

    he’s a rich man. so he definitely doesn’t need anything from me. so I have to think and dive him something to make him smile.

  • Trin Achronism

    I make rosaries so I would custom something for him.