Which one of GACKT’s quotes or ideas do you most want to share with the world?



  • Molly

    I don’t remember the quote word for word, but it was ” There is no such thing as an unneeded smile.” That quote was something I heard when I really needed and basically sealed the deal for me to become a GACKT fan haha.

  • cauliflower346

    if you don’t like yourself, become someone you can like

  • lazycat66

    If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything.

  • Eli

    In entry 40 of GACKTIONARY he was talking about how many women get themselves all twisted because they measure love by what they perceive their partner’s level of affection to be, rather than going off of their own feelings, which are ultimately the only ones they can know for sure.

    I find this way of thinking more helpful than plucking a poor daisy bare. Ahaha…

  • Ka-chan | カッちゃん

    Wait, where’s my GACKTIONARY…..

    If you make it apoint not to use words of negation in your speech, you’ll realize how much you ordinarily live your life while denying yourself.

    “What you think in the moment colors everything in your life.”
    What I mean by this is: what you think in individual moments make up your life cycles and become the basis that colors
    your life. The word of negation, “but”, that you think up in a moment in time, which will never return, will end up becoming the foundation on which your life will be built.
    When a person’s inclined to have a negative thought in the moment, it’s as if you can already foresee their life as becoming made up of negative cycles full of negative thoughts. But this conversely means that if someone’s always thinking “I can” instead of using words like “but” in various moments, the life of that person will be constructed in the cycles of “I can”. […]

    Source: GACKTIONARY(2009/12), Section “LIFE”, Chapter 60, Page 112
    Translation by Excused_Early

    Translator’s note: “Note: He mentions more than one Japanese word of negation (でもね、けどね、けど、だけど), but no matter how much I think about it, the only English word that perfectly matches them is just simply….”but”. X’D”

  • amanita ika

    ‘A dream is not something you see. A dream is something you make a reality. It’s something you follow through with, with extreme determination’
    He said those words when he attended a graduation ceremony at a high school to give surprise for students. As a high school teacher, I’ve shared those words of him to my students for 3 years, and I’ll keep sharing them to people around me (especially to my students, of course)

  • Anca

    Well, obviously the times he talked about following one’s dreams, because everyone deserves encouragement in that direction. But, most of all, I would like to share the moments when he was being silly and not taking himself too seriously, because that’s the best G, in my opinion.

  • “Whatever they say, never change your way!” from one of my fav songs of GACKT “EVER”

  • Allyson MacPherson

    I think the quote goes like this: “Even if you have trouble communicating with people, it doesn’t mean that you’re no good”. Reading it helped me a lot.

  • Miyu

    “Tears aren’t a girl’s weapon, it’s her smile” and of course “There is no such thing as an unneeded smile”.

  • “You can do anything!” I think it’s a message that a lot of us need to hear.

  • elizabethg

    There is no such thing as an unneeded smile! 😀

  • Ursu Ana Maria

    “No matter how difficult or painful things get, what’s important is to be able to welcome the end with a smile. That’s the point. When you’re climbing a high mountain, it’s very tough and you can’t see the summit at all. But even while you’re thinking it hurts, there are flowers blooming that will suddenly come into view. Then, even if it’s difficult or painful, those thoughts will fly out the window. And then, when you reach the top, you’ll see that everything in your life is just a moment…”

  • 7iThor

    Don’t live your life pretending, try hard enough to see the results you want, be strict with yourself, always strive to be your ideal you, show your spirit in how you dress, bring your passion to all areas of your life, to live is to fight seriously, face your own weakness and keep fighting, work hard to make yourself more bountiful, show your beauty to the world

  • This is very all-encompassing, but basically I’d like to share his ideas about what is means to be human. It’s been identified by others before, but it is interesting that that following are all present in some way in the worlds of Le Ciel, RR, and Moon Saga that use characters (angels, cyborgs, and vampires) which lack some of the qualities of what it means to be human: our ability to die, to experience pain, exercise free will, to have a memory, and to interact with others despite our inherent loneliness. It’s more complicated than this, but in many ways I feel like this is GACKT’s framework that he works within when trying to answer the question, “What is human?”.

  • “There is no such thing as an unneeded smile.”

    This is the most popular quote, but it is important not to forget to smile.
    Generaly, I think, almost all Gackt’s speeches can be sorted for quotes.

  • Marina Kovalova

    The idea about when you`re doing something you need to put your best into it. To live a full life, not half-assed.

  • Oni Weiss

    “There is no such thing in this world as an unneeded smile” ^__^’

  • Amaia

    I can’t remember the exact words, but something like, “It doesn’t matter if you cry. What matters is what you do after that.”

  • Sofia3081

    There is no such thing as an unneeded smile

  • Trin Achronism

    I agree with a lot of what he has to say. especially on a sense of justice, humanity, relationships, trauma being illusory, affection.. 28 in GACKTIONARY is basically what Winston Churchill said: “If you’re going through Hell, keep going.” it sums it all up to me.