What about you has changed since becoming a fan?


Suggested response length: 200 words or less

  • Molly

    I think I’ve become more comfortable with who I am, and I push myself to better myself more than I used to. I feel a need to improve myself and my work and to do the best that I can every day.

  • The Bad Wolf

    Gackt’s music and lyrics are profound to me. Because of his philosophy, I feel I can embrace who I am. I am more comfortable about myself as a person and more confident to pursue my career in the film industry.

    Two of his quotes stand out to me “Live so that you can die without any regrets, no matter when it happens. For that, you need to be unreasonable sometimes.” And “Whatever they say, never change your way.”

    There are many others that move me, but those are the ones I recall when it comes to such a tough business– especially as a writer and producer starting out.

    If you see this Gackt, all I have to say is thank you and I wish you the best.

  • lazycat66

    I’ve become more confident in my skills and in pursuing what I really want to do (which is something I have always struggled with). I believe in myself more now. And GACKT is there for inspiration and strength when I need it.
    But truth be told, what changed the most were my tastes and interests. I’ve seen new things, learned new things, and that brings personal growth.

    Basically, I don’t think I’ve changed that much, but I keep growing as a person, and he’s part of that now. And I’m happy for it ^^

  • Miyu

    I became a feminist and i try to really make a change even if it is just in my own life or my own clique. I also learn how to be more confident in the things i love, i say, i do without explaining myself all the time or get sad just because someone doesn’t like it. But especially that there is not a single person in this world that can or has the right to make me feel bad about myself in whatever aspect that i’m insecure about. GACKT is helping a lot with this tbh. He’s a good rolemodel when it comes to “do whatever you want as long as you don’t hurt yourself or others”. He just does whatever he wants and he feels comfortable about it (like the guwashi hair cut) and i think that’s very important.

  • I believe in that GACKT has inspired me to love myself and abide by who I am more than before. I was easily and –almost naively– attracted to be like others to attract people. However, his songs provided me with more confidence in myself and my own personality. Recently, my personal maxims has been “Be yourself!” and surely –inspired by “EVER”– “Whatever they say, never change your way!”. ^_~

  • Anca

    I’ve definitely become a stronger person, both mentally and physically. I’ve also learned to speak up for myself, be braver and more direct and love my own weirdness. But I’ve also started to expect a lot more from people.

  • Allyson MacPherson

    I used to be self- conscious about my inability to put my thoughts into words. I’m also even more sentimental than I used to be, and I’m optimistic. Gackt’s music and philosophy has helped me grow as a young woman, so I am confident in my communication skills and my sense of self.

  • Gackt has helped me become a more positive person, and has helped me with my self-esteem. He’s shown me that I can do anything, as long as I believe in it and I am willing to work hard for it. He leads by example, which is what the best people do. He inspires a person to think, but he doesn’t tell them what to think. He’s a wonderful teacher. Thank you, Gackto-san. Tremendous respect to you. <3

  • elizabethg

    I’ve learned more to appreciate the beauty in life, others, and in myself. 🙂

  • Angela Headley

    I think what’s changed about me the most is that I’ve become more daring n my life. I’m inspired by how much he’s accomplished in his life, and how he’s not afraid to go after things he wants to do or see. It’s encouraged me to be more like myself and try to reach for the things I’ve always wanted to try.

  • cauliflower346

    This one’s gonna be weird: I learned that you don’t HAVE to chase your dreams since I first became a fan. Gackt was one of the reasons I was really keyed into “I HAVE TO FIND WHAT I LOVE AND I HAVE TO DO THAT”, but really, that’s mostly where we are in society now. I’ve noticed that this is causing a lot of trouble for a lot of people, and it’s really sad.

    I recently (well, last year) realized how stressed that was making me, and you know what? I’ll be okay in an office. It’s okay to have a job just to make money.
    I’ll still work on the things that I really want to do–those don’t have to stop. And maybe one day I’ll be able to quit and just do what I want to do, but if not, that’s okay.I really love doing makeup, and I don’t ever want to stop, but I don’t know if free-lance work is for me. That’s a lot of stress! I don’t know if I can do it.
    On a similar note, I would love to work for a business doing Japanese to English translations–but I am waaaaaaaay far away from that.
    I can still do makeup. I can still keep learning Japanese. I can keep drawing. But I can’t do those things if I’m in a ball of stress and nerves because I don’t know if I can pay for rent or my plethora of medications. I don’t think I can take that.

    You don’t have to be in a profession that you love and have a passion for to be successful. You are not a failure if you don’t do that.

  • amanita ika

    It was him, who helped me and encouraged me to chase my dream. Since I was a kid, I always wanted to be a teacher, but no one support me (including my parents).
    Because of him, I have courage when I’m in doubt. By listening to his voice, somehow I get a great power when I’m weak.
    Thanks to him, I have been a teacher for 9 years now. And since then, I always want to encourage my students, as he does..

  • Ursu Ana Maria

    No matter how hard it can be, always chase your dreams.

  • Ka-chan | カッちゃん

    I’m not the same person anymore.

    Dear GACKTさん,
    stumbling over you lead me on a crazy rollercoaster. I’ve overthrown parts of my self a dozend times in the very best sense. You’ve shaken me, hit me hard but also picked me up. And you’ve kept chasing after me in the time when I had chosen to ignore you for about 1,5 years. Every day I think of you. And as I do, I grow yet a little more.

    I’ve become a more capable and “whole” person.

    If you ever want me to return the favour let me know.
    I’ll come and help you fix that back of yours (and whatever else hurts).

  • Eli

    What has changed about me that is directly related to my being a GACKT fan is that I am now fluent enough in Japanese to make my living off of that. I’m certain I wouldn’t have gone as deep with my Japanese studies as I did had I not found his music.

    Also, I think he’s one of the reasons I’ve become more able to do what I want to do and need to do without worrying about what other people are going to say or think. Nothing says “I’mma do me” quite like being a full-grown man matching AKB48 move for move, dancing around on stage making cat noises, and posting duckface guwashi selfies.

  • I remembered how to smile and dream.

  • Neko-chi

    I’ve grown up a lot and i’m practically a different person then i was then, I’ve had two kids and lost one I’m more open but I don’t think I’ll ever be able to go back to who I was before losing a child changes you permanently and although I’m still hyper and random and all over the place i’m quite a bit calmer then i once was

  • Marina Kovalova

    My personality evolved a lot.

  • Gackt motivated me to change. When I just heard about him, I was a lazy “gray mouse”. Since 4 years I bacame brighter (in terms of appearance), started work harder and be more confident. Besides, he teached me smile more times, even the day seems unhappy. And my treatment to my idols changes because of him.

  • Oni Weiss

    He give me reason for life =) I am grateful him.

  • Amaia

    I was the kind of child who went to school and listened obediently and then went home again. I feel like I didn’t have much of a sense of self for a long time- I valued what the adults around me valued. GACKT is one of the first things I can honestly say I like because I like- not because anyone told me to like.

    I’ve done a lot of things and grown a lot as an individual in the last ten years. I think I would have changed a lot anyway, but GACKT has very much influenced the direction I traveled in (Japan, specifically).

  • Sofia3081

    I`ve become stronger. I feel that I`m not alone in this world. That I have family.
    He showed me that I can make my dreams real.
    Thank you so much Gackt, I`m always on your side.

  • Rei leonard

    He changed the way of my life. or should I say … he makes me remember my Dreams. what I was after and who was I want to be. to follow my dreams no matter what others say

  • Trin Achronism

    definitely more comfortable being what I am, what I know. only I could truly discover my own identity but I’d like to think my exposure to his spirit helped to pave the way. thank you.